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It's 2023 and Donnie Vie & Phil Angotti Still Rule, Okay!

It’s eight days into 2023 as I put keyboard to screen. Last night was my first time out to see live music in a while. My Rock & Roll friend Dave Bellah and I took in a performance of legendary Chicago popsters Donnie Vie and Phil Angotti at the Blue Island Beer Company, followed by the obligatory post-show taco run.

The show was terrific, with Donnie and Phil alternating respective originals from their latest albums (both amazing, I might add) with a selection of Beatles tunes that spanned the Fab Four's career. Joined on-stage by multi-instrumentalist Casey McDonough and NRBQ drummer John Perrin, the four maestros knocked it out of the park, trading lead vocals and instruments throughout the show.

Whenever Angotti and Vie get together, it’s an event not to miss. It was nice to see familiar faces from the many (many!) Enuff Z’Nuff shows I’ve attended since the mid-80s. Time has flown, but we’re still rockin’!

Among the many highlights of the show were “Eye for an Eye” from Phil’s new album, Once Around Again, Donnie’s “Back From The Blue”(my daughter Leah’s favorite song), and their surprise cover of the Bee Gees deep cut, “Don’t Wanna Live Inside Myself.”

If you don’t have Donnie Vie’s latest release, Beautiful Things, in your collection, get it soon. It’s a classic that proves, once again, he is one of the most talented songwriters and vocalists in music. Simply stunning. You can find an in-depth interview with Donnie here:

The prolific Phil Angotti’s catalog is also a must for any fan of intelligently written and beautifully crafted melodic songs. Phil sings like an angel and plays like a master, channeling the spirit of The Beatles, The Kinks, The Who, Squeeze, Elvis Costello and other giants of classic rock, creating melodic masterpieces. Phil and I had a great discussion on my podcast that you can find here:

Rest assured the podcast will return in 2023. The last few months have been extremely busy, with the radio show and gigs with The Baked Potatoes taking up much of my professional time. I’ve also begun construction of a recording studio in my home to both record music, the podcast, and other surprises.

The 2023 version of the podcast will feature new interviews and discussions, as well as the previous week’s “Best Of” bits from the radio show and tons of gems from the radio career archives. I’m looking forward to bringing it to you.

My second installment of the “For The Records” series of blogs is on the way shortly, featuring an art-rock classic from 1975.

Wishing you and yours the Best...Year...EVER!

Peace & Love,


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