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 Mike Tomano's WILD & FREE



My life is enhanced and enriched by my Great Outdoors Lifestyle and adventures in the woods and on the water. I am a proud hunter and fisherman, a proponent of The Second Amendment and devout conservationist. The magic of nature took hold of me at a very young age, nurtured by my father, who was an avid angler and nature lover. My time in The Great Outdoors provides the perfect balance to my career and daily demands. Nature heals. Hunting is the last true connection mankind has to his primal beginnings. It is criminally misrepresented and misunderstood by many. Fishing is a glorious past time that is too often overlooked by families. Traveling trails on a bike; canoeing down a rapid river, foraging for morels or simple bird-watching and journaling are all activities that feed the spirit and cleanse the soul.

Mike Tomano's Wild & Free brand is a multimedia platform that seeks to promote conservation and protect the American heritage of hunting & fishing and participation in The Great Outdoors.

"Illinois has more soulless disconnected apathetic pussies per capita than any location on earth. They have perfected bending over to a science. However, you are also surrounded by some full on gungho bad MoFos who fight the good fight better than most. I give you Mike Tomano. Know him, connect, join the fight." - Ted Nugent

“Mike Tomano is one of a kind! It was evident from the first time I met Mike that he is a dedicated outdoorsman. After many hunts together, his love of the outdoors and the wild life he hunts is apparent. I have guided him on many hunts. His shots are always true, with both a compound bow and traditional archery equipment. He is constantly introducing new people into the hunting world, which I have always appreciated. I always look forward to the next hunt with Mike. He is a great outdoorsman and friend!” - Paul Wilson, Professional Hunt Guide

“Mike is a true American who loves God, family and freedom and for that I uphold him as one of the most vital members of the broadcast media. Few tell the truth. Mike does. That's why I am always proud to be on his program.” - Chester Moore, Award Winning Host of God's Outdoors

“When you count up the positive assets in your life, you need to consider yourself very lucky that Mike Tomano is not only on your side, but someone you can count on as a friend. Mike's more than just a friend to the 2nd Amendment; he’s a friend to all the great things that are celebrated with our personal freedoms and liberties in this great country we call America. I have had the great honor to learn from Mike, have as a guest multiple times on my various radio show and knowing that if there is an issue or a cause that I am passionate about, I can count on Mike to have my back. - Crash Davis, Radio Talk Show Host/Author Council Bluffs IA

Contact us for more information on opportunities to join us in The Great Outdoors!

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