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The Music Makes Him Do It

The Music Makes Him Do It!

By Mike Tomano

© 2018 Fossil Entertainment Group

Originally published November 2018

Here he comes again now, baby…like a dog in heat!

Intensity is the cornerstone of Ted Nugent’s musical works; a blend of his early inspirations and never-ending exploration of uncharted musical territory. Wild adventure is what The Motor City Madman seeks, whether pluckin’ bowstrings or guitar strings.

Ted often states he and his bandmates (bassist Greg Smith and drummer Jason Hartless) approach every performance as “the most important show ever” and it is obvious that mantra is taken to heart. The Nuge Band is a force to be reckoned with: Think James Brown and The Famous Flames with their afros ablaze atop a runaway train.

A Ted Nugent concert is a joyous, rambunctious affair, evoking the camaraderie of a campfire shared with friends...albeit, a very loud campfire with extremely energetic friends! It’s All-American Fun…and it’s good for you.

In addition to his music career, Ted remains the premier spokesman for America’s hunting and shooting heritage. His crusade, as a Second Amendment absolutist and leading proponent of wildlife and habitat conservation, is responsible for recruiting countless families into the Great Outdoors and shooting disciplines. His reverence for American freedom is highlighted by his gargantuan charitable efforts for our nation’s military, children and needy.

Approaching his 70th birthday, Ted’s “Workin’ Hard, Playin’ Hard” ethic shines brighter than ever and, with the upcoming release of his new album, “The Music Made Me Do It”, shows no sign of slowing down.

However, we did get him to slow down for a moment (after all, it IS hunting season!) and chat with Mike Tomano’s Wild & Free!

Mike: Ted, the new album is titled "The Music Made Me Do It"; it's obviously "made" you embark on an artistic journey for over 60 years. When did the music first make you do it?

Ted: Lord have mercy! How ultra lucky can I be to be born as the Elvis Presley, Chuck Berry, Bo Diddly, Little Richard uppity soul-fire soundtrack erupted!! That power groove-punch of musical authority is impossible to escape when one is truly alive and paying attention. And glory, glory hallelujah it hasn't dissipated one spit since!

Mike: You've stated your roots lie in early Rock & Roll, R & B and blues, but there's a primal, raw quality to it that's seems to reflect your Great Outdoors lifestyle. Define that connection.

Ted: That tooth, fang and claw honest nature connection as a lifelong hunter is as pure as anything we have available to us in life. The original music came from Gor in his cave somewhere around the Year One when he celebrated the twang of his bowstring and the drum-thump of a stretched critter hide following a successful hunt to provide for his clan. In its purest form, that is still exactly what I do on a very loud guitar, driven by the amazing rhythm gods of Greg Smith on bass and Jason Hartless on drums! We are aboriginal jam masters.

Mike: The album's title track, as well as another new composition Bigfundirtygroovenoize, made it into the set list this summer. Both songs grab hold of the listener and don't let up! In addition to the new tunes, you are also revisiting your epic Fred Bear. Tell us about the new version of this tribute to The Father of Modern Bowhunting and hunters worldwide.

Ted: Everyone by now knows my love and admiration for the great Fred Bear and the emotion in that song every time I unleash it. We captured its essence on this definitive acoustic performance with all the fire and passion celebrated by all hands-on conservation families that grasp, participate and cherish this perfect hunting lifestyle. Fred Bear is with us always!

Mike: Your award-winning Ted Nugent Spirit of the Wild Outdoor channel show continues to grow in popularity and reach new viewers. Your program is basically a continual "day in the life" diary of your lifestyle. You make it family-oriented and accessible. What could the outdoor-industry be doing to attract more people?

Ted: For starters, the industry might want to abandon the nonsense of marketing velocity instead of my ultimate recruitment battle cry of FUN SPORT MEAT TROPHY reality! THAT'S how you attract adventure lovers of every age, NOT feet per second and other inconsequential technical considerations. We hunt because it is thrilling, adventurous, challenging and intensely FUN as we provide the ultimate health-food for our families.

Mike: Give us an update on your hunting season so far this year.

Ted: Well, for starters, my canine pals Happy, Sadie and Coco are eternally worn out from daily critter chasing, killing and fetching, which is the defining barometer for the ultimate happy hunting! We have backstraps flowing, and I may very well be the happiest guitar-player that ever lived!

Mike: Happy upcoming 70th birthday. Many people half your age don't possess the energy and drive that you do. What has The Nuge not accomplished that he must before he settles down at the ranch with his family and dogs?

Ted: Oh, I never think or act in terms of accomplishments but, rather, a continuing series of fulfilling activities that are guided by the Big Three of God, family, country! I continue to discipline myself to be the best We The People American I can be; and will continue to increase the pressure on our elected employees to live up to their sacred oath to the US Constitution, in order to earn my God-given gift of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. I believe I will stay on course, just more intensely every day.

Ted Nugent’s THE MUSIC MADE ME DO IT, will be released Friday, November 9, 2018 on Round Hill Records. The album is available now for pre-order everywhere, and the title track “The Music Made Me Do It” is available to download and stream wherever music is sold.

Accompanying the CD is a Bonus DVD, LIVE AT FREEDOM HILL, an electrifying full-length concert captured at Freedom Hill Amphitheatre in Sterling Heights, Michigan.

Pre-Order the CD and Bonus DVD set at!

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